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Financial Services



We desire to have a comprehensive holistic relationship with you and strive to actively participate in all tax and wealth management areas – from advising on tax optimization strategies to working with your legal team on your estate plan, to helping you decide if you’re ready to retire. Regardless of the issue, we are prepared to advise and work with you in every area of your financial life.


A disciplined, long-term approach to building globally diversified portfolios with a focus on minimizing tax liabilities. We leverage our own specialized expertise, plus the advanced research of Avantax, our broker-dealer.

Financial Planning

Expert decision-making support, tailored to your unique needs. We help you set goals, create a comprehensive plan, monitor performance and make periodic strategic adjustments to your financial plan.


Unbiased, tax-centric advice on life, long-term care and disability coverage. To provide you with greater value and coverage that meets your specific needs and protect your legacy.

Tax Management

Proactive tax planning to minimize the taxes you owe. Our expertise in both investment and tax makes us uniquely positioned to provide tax management advice and services.

Business Planning

We help you consider the possible tax implications of a legal entity, such as business structure, retirement plans, compensation, business insurance and other issues.

Retirement Planning

Complete investment planning for retirement — helping you develop a clear vision of how you define retirement. Taking a close look at your potential retirement-income sources we help you realize your vision for retirement.

Education Planning

Instruction on available investment vehicles and tax-saving options. Together, we can develop a plan to help fund education for your children, grandchildren, other family members — or even you.

Estate Planning

Guidance on how to pass your wealth on to reduce or eliminate taxes to your beneficiaries. We coordinate with attorneys on wills, trusts, and other legal documents.

Tax Services

Tax Services

With expansive tax knowledge, our team is equipped to provide easy and efficient tax services for your family and your business. 

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