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We Have a New Look!

We Have a New Look!

September 21, 2022

Coming soon - the launch of our new brand and website!

Why are we launching a new brand/Why have we changed our brand look?

Since our firm started in 2010, we have grown and evolved, to serve individuals and business owners across Texas. Our core purpose has remained the same, to provide comprehensive unbiased financial advice and tax preparation services to our clients, working towards a meaningful and purpose-driven future. Our first priority is you, our clients. We have celebrated remarkable growth with you over the years but our branding has not always enjoyed the same attention, nor has it kept pace with our evolution. We felt that it was time to have our brand reflect more of who we are presently and carry us into the future.

What will change as a result of the new brand?/ What did the rebranding change?

Our goal at Core+ is to provide a team approach that helps clients maneuver through the complex financial services world. With this new brand identity, you will notice several changes, including:

  • A new logo.
  • A new color palette and design elements to provide a more accurate representation of our firm and our core beliefs.
  • A new website that is easy to navigate, utilizes our new brand colors and clearly communicates our commitment to you to provide tailored tax-smart financial advice and tax services that are unique to your priorities.
  • A singular brand identity for our financial and tax services teams.

Does the brand change mean ownership change as well?

The rebranding of Core+ is approved and celebrated by our current leadership, who will continue to oversee the operations and functions in the same capacity they currently do. The brand change does not indicate a change in leadership or ownership, only a reflection of our efforts to provide you with a more current, convenient and pleasant experience as your partner in financial and tax services.

Does the rebrand reflect a change in the team members I currently work with?

The team who currently assists in providing you with financial advice and tax preparation will remain the same and will continue to offer their expertise.

Will this impact your product and service offerings?

Our team will continue to offer a wide range of financial advice and tax services to help you achieve your holistic financial goals. We pride ourselves on providing clients with clarity on the products and services that best fit their unique situations and individual goals, and we are committed to continuing to do just that.  

Is there anything I need to do as a result of this change?

No action is required of you as a result of this rebranding. If you are interested in keeping up with the latest news and updates from Core+, you can follow our blog,Facebook, or LinkedIn for tips and insights from our team.