What We're Reading

During the rapidly changing market conditions, we wanted to provide our clients with easy access to information that reflects our thought process as events continue to unfold. 

On this page you will find links to timely articles and other resources to keep yourself updated.  


What We're Reading:

May 20:

Forbes:  Negative Interest Rates Explained:  How Could They Affect You?


CNBC:  Bidding wars in a pandemic?  Housing is heating up fast


May 19:

Putnam:  Bracing for a slow U.S. recovery


May 18:

Yahoo Finance:  Stock Market News Live Updates: Moderna coronavirus vaccine fuels rally; Uber braces for new layoffs


CNBC:  Does filing for unemployement hurt your credit score?




Coronavirus Resources: 

John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center


Woldometer Coronavirus Resource Center


CDC's Coronavirus Resource Center


Department of the Treasury Coronavirus Resource Center



Previous Week's Articles:  

May 14:  

Legg Mason:  Searching for a Market Bottom


May 13:

Putnum:  By the numbers:  The economy this week


May 11:

Here's why the market is better than the economy right now


May 7: 

CNBC:  Wall Stree strategists says stocks are at a 'perfect place' for battle between Fed and economy


Fidelity:  6 tips to navigate volatile markets


May 6:

Forbes:  You Can Now Check Your Credit Report For Free Weekly.  Here's Why You Should. 


May 4:

Eaton Vance:  Why we need another New Normal

April 29:

MFS:  Breaking a Glass is Easy; Putting it Back Together is Hard


April 28:

Forbes:  How to Cope with a Loss of Income


April 27:

Janus Henderson:  Keep an Eye on the Real Economy


Forbes:  The 30-Minute Financial Check You Need To Make Now


April 20th:

Barron's:  Oil Futures Go Negative in Historic Rout


April 16th:

MFS:  Economic Data Grim but Investors Looking Ahead


4 signs you can afford to pay off your credit card debt with your stimulus check


April 15th:

Janus Henderson:  COVID-19:  The Outlook for Dividends in 2020


6 Parts of Your Estate Plan You Should Review Now


April 14th: 

Key Investment Moves for Those in their 40s and 50s During the COVID-19 Crisis


IMF:  COVID-19 Crisis Poses Threat to Financial Stability 


April 13th:

Five Rules for Investing During the Coronavirus Outbreak


COVID -19:  The Outlook for Dividends in 2020


April 8th:

The Stock Market Has Had a Heck of a Bounce.  Why it's Time fo Another Drop. 


Skipping a mandatory distribution from your IRA?  Everything you need to know


April 7th: 

Here's what to do with your 401(k) during all the economic instability caused by coronavirus


April 6th:

Morningstar's Take on the First Quarter


April 3rd:

How to Evaluate an Early Retirement Offer


Mohamed El-Erian:  The stock market could still go back down to new coronavirus lows


April 2nd:

BlackRock's Global Outlook - Coronavirus shock


April 1st: 

It Looks Like Policymakers Are Actually Getting it This Time


How the CARES Act Impacts Retirement Plans


March 31st:

Door May Be Closing On Life Insurance Buyers Amid COVID


March 30th:  

Getting Cash For Your Small Business Through the CARES Act 


Four Things to Do When the Market Drops


Tap your health savings account first for medical costs during the coronavirus outbreak


March 27th:

Fiscal Policy Takes the Baton


How Dow, S&P 500 trade in year after their worst crashes since 1990


13 Zoom video chat tips, tricks and hidden features


March 26th: 

Ignore these horrific-sounding economic numbers


Five things to keep in mind while working from home during the coronavirus outbreak


March 25th:

Coronavirus relief bill would relax rules on retirement savings


A First Assessment of the Confressional Stimulus Package


March 24th:

It's Time to Start Thinking About the Postcrisis World


Riding Out the Drawdowns Can be a Wild Ride


March 23rd: 

House, Senate Coronavirus Relief Bills Offer Different Cash Payouts to Individuals


Your Money and Coronavirus:  A Financial Protection Guide


March 20th:

IRS extends tax deadline to July 15 from April 15


Trump Temporarily Suspends Payments on Federal Student Loans


How consumer trends have changed amid the coronavirus pandemic


March 19th:

Legg Mason:  Policy Responses Critical 


Here's What is In the 'Families First' Coronavirus Aid Packagte Trump Approved


COVID-19:  nitrogen dioxide over China


March 18th: 

White House pushes for $1.2 trillion coronavirus fiscal stimulus package


No, This Isn't 2008:  Perspective on the Coronavirus Economy


IRS to delay the tax payment deadline by 90 days


Why there will soon be tons of toilet paper, and what food may be scarce according to supply chain experts


March 17th:  

European Union leaders agree to close external borders due to coronavirus


Amazon Hoping to Hire 100,000 New Employees to Deal with Coronavirus Demand


Four things that get easier when the stock market falls


8 Tips To Make Working From Home Work For You


March 16th:

Fed Fires Bazooka at Coronavirus


Eaton Vance Special Report:  Coronavirus


What you need to know abou the government's break for student loan borrowers amid the coronavirus


March 13th:

Trump delcares a National Emergency Under the Stafford Act - Here's What That Actually Allows Him To Do


March 12th:  

Three things to do during a stock market crash


Here's why people are panic buying and stockpiling toilet paper to cope with coronavirus fears


Avoid coronavirus with these 9 practical tips to limit exposure without locking yourself indoors


March 11th:  

Market sell-off is a gross overreaction to a severe but manageable flu,' Morningstar says