Our Services

Retirement Planning

Are you on track to live comfortably off of your current retirement funds?

  • Severance Package Consultation
  • Cash Flow Needs Analysis
  • IRA Rollovers/Stretch IRA
  • Retirement Plan Design

Investment Planning

Is your portfolio properly diversified? Are you being rewarded for the risk you're taking? 

  • Portfolio Analysis and Design
  • 401K Analysis and Design 
  • Stock Market Alternatives

Planning for Special Situations

Would you have enough funds easily accessible at a time of need?

  • Loss of Spouse
  • Divorce
  • Education Funding
  • Long Term Care/Long Term Disability
  • Executive Benefits/Stock Options
  • Inheritance
  • Legal Settlements

Social Security  & Pension Analysis

Do you know the best time to begin receiving your Social Security benefits? 

  • Break even analysis
  • Experts on energy company pension plans
  • Lump sum vs. annuitization analysis

Estate Planning

Is your spouse ready to take over family financials should something happen to you?

  • Legacy Planning
  • Beneficiary Designation Analysis
  • Trust Funds

Risk Management Planning

Are you properly prepared for untimely death or disability?

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long-term Care Funding Strategies
  • Mortgage/Refinance Strategies 

Tax Planning

How will your financial decisions today affect your tax liability for today and the years to come?

  • Individual Tax Strategies
  • Tax & Debt Management
  • Financial Windfall
  • Coordination and knowledge base provided by our sister firm, Core+ Tax Strategies

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