Account Access      

HD Vest eMoney Client Portal

If you have not yet received your login credentials for online access under HD Vest, please contact Kristy for assistance. 


Net Exchange Client View

Best utilized to download statements & tax documents as well as quickly see daily changes in your portfolio's valuation, view account history, view gains/losses, etc.  Values are closer to real-time. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


How and when can I expect to receive tax forms?

Most 1099's and related tax documents are mailed to clients on or before March 15th.  Most tax related documents can also be accessed online through the eMoney Client Portal (link above). 


How can I access cash from my Core+ accounts?

You can access cash reserves from your Core+account in several ways and usually on the same day. Many clients set up an automatic remittance, usually monthly, to provide funds to help meet lifestyle needs. We can send you or your bank a check or establish an ACH transfer to your bank account.


I have forgotten my password to access my accounts online.  What do I do?

Kristy Davis can assist you with resetting your password.  Once notified, and verbally confirmed, we will have your password reset within 24 hours, many times within the same business day.  You will be issued a temporary password with instructions on how to change your password to that of your choosing.


I have moved.  How do I ensure that my address is updated on all my investments?

Please notify our office if any of your contact information changes.  Once you inform us of the changes, we will ensure that your information is updated on all of your accounts and/or investments.  In most cases, you only need to contact our office though some special situations will require extra documentation or your signature.   


I no longer wish to recieve paper statements in the mail, how do I go paperless?

To go paperless with HD Vest(our Broker/Dealer):

Contact Kristy with the email address you would like your account information sent to and she will process your request for you.